Investment and Innovation Incentives

The Firm provides support and tax expertise to ensure its clients get the maximum benefit from an "Industry 4.0" investment. The Firm's professionals assist clients in accessing and analyzing the usability of major tax incentives, such as R&D tax credits, Patent Box, and tax superdeductions. The Firm also provides support to companies in accessing grants / subsidized financing for business projects in specific areas such as innovation and internationalization.


Innovative Start-ups and SMEs

The Firm's professionals provide assistance aimed at innovative new businesses (startups) in order to enable them to enjoy the simplifications / facilities provided by the relevant regulatory framework. The Firm assists companies from the establishment stage to counselling in tax, corporate and business matters.

Super and Hyper Depreciation

We support companies investing in new capital goods, tangible and intangible assets (software and IT systems), functional to the technological and digital transformation of production processes.

Patent Box

The consultancy offered by our professionals specialized in transfer pricing supports companies in accessing the optional regime of taxation facilitated intangible assets (so-called Patent Box) from the feasibility study to the negotiation phase of the ruling agreement with L'Agenzia delle Entrate (Revenue Agency).

Research and development tax credit

Our team of tax lawyers, technicians, and auditors assist companies in all the steps necessary to determine the research and development tax credit, from the preliminary estimate of the benefit to its use in the tax return.

Facilitated Finance

We assist companies in accessing grants/funding for business projects in specific areas such as innovation and internationalization.The firm advises on acquisition, restructuring and rehabilitation of companies in crisis, organization of fund raising operations, and both debt and venture capital.


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